The Greek writer Agatarchidus spoke of the wine from Vis being better than all others in comparison. The island has been introduced into the list of ten most preserved islands of the Mediterranean by the World Wildlife Fund.

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In your search for the ideal destination offering a relaxing and calm or active and diverse vacation in Croatia on the islands of the Adriatic, you have found yourselves on the web sites of the private lodging Martinis in Komiža. Welcome to the island of Vis, the most distant inhabited island of Croatia.

Vis belongs to a group of middle-dalmatian islands, along with the islands Brač, Šolta and Hvar. It is located on the Adriatic billow, halfway between the Otrant Gates and the bay of Trst. It is two hours and fifteen minutes of smooth sailing by ferry away; or an hour and fifteen minutes of sailing by a quick boat. The distance is 45 km from the mainland and 8 km from the island of Hvar. The surface of the island is 90 km2, with the length of the island shore being 75 kilometers of rocks, caves and beautiful, hidden basins with beaches.

The higher sea surface contains the archipelago of islands consisting of St. Andrew, Brusnik, Jabuka, Biševo and Palagruža.

Locations on the island of Vis

On the island, there are two cities situated on the eastern and western basin – Vis and Komiža. They are connected by a new road stretching over 10 km which will greet you with a wonderful view of Komiža from the park of St. Mihovil. On the old, winding and narrow road you will find villages: Podselje, Plisko polje, Marinje zemlje, Duboka, Podšpilje, Borovik, Žena glava and Podhumlje. On the eastern side of the island you will find Podstražje, Brgujac, Rukavac, Milna and Ženka, while on the western side there is Oključna.

Discover all the faces of the island

Now that we are positioned and indicated that we are just the destination you would like, we would like to welcome you to and island ‘rich with time’! Discover its long and rich history, culture and all the other faces of the island. The more you research, the more you will begin to see and the island will share its beauty. Beware, though, since the island will be taking something back! It will take your thoughts and emotions which will forever stay woven into the fine fabric of the island. You will carry on with you all the images and will not even know that they are invisible and indestructible bonds. Dive into the adventure!


Besides the history, the intact nature and numerous different resting options you will find people of greeting smiles, hearty, warm and ready for some company. Be our guests! Become islanders, if only for a moment.

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